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WOW Builds:

SWTOR Builds

Druid Builds - For Patch 4.3

These builds are for Druids before Mists of Pandaria was released. These builds use actual trees cannot be used with the newest expansion.

Unlike most classes druids have the ability to fill most rolls in the game (tank, melee dps, spell dps and healer). The only other class that is close is for the amount of roles they can play is the paladin.

Balance Builds (for Cataclysm Patch 4.3)

Ah the ever lovable Boomkin. This area is for druids that want to do spell damage.


32/3/6 Balance Druid Raid Build - This is the standard build for DPS Balance druids on raids.


32/0/9 Balance Druid, Raid DPS Class


31/2/8 Balance Druid, Max DPS build for Fireland Bosses - This druid build avoids popular talents such as Fungal Growth and Solar Beam as they don't provide DPS benefits on the fire bosses. This build also picks up talents that help with cleave and AOE, this helps with some of the boss fights.


32/3/6 Balance Mana Druid Build - Try this build if you are having issues with mana..


31/0/6 +4 Base Druid Balance Build - This is a basic balance build with all the DPS talents you need but you have 4 points to use on different utilites you may need on different boss fights available.


Balance Druid Stat priority:

Intellect - This effects spell damage

Spellpower - Very silimar to intelect but is only found on weapons and trinkets.

Spirit or Hit Rating (1 Spirit = 1 hit rating) - if under 17% to hit or 1742 hit rating, if you are over this mark do not put any more points into this as they give no additional bonus. Always make sure you reforge gear to become hit cap'd if you are not already.

Haste (if under haste cap) - 128.05 haste rating gives 1% spell haste, this can add additional ticks to our DoTs.

Mastery - 89. 64 mastery rating adds 1% to our Eclipse bonus but only 60% of the time you will be casting in the Eclipse phase it makes this stat not as strong as most.



Balance Druid Rotation:

Moonfire, Insect Swarm and Starsurge cast at begining of fight, always make your dots stay up recast them just before the last tic. Cast Starsurge, Starfall and Force of Nature whenever they are off of cooldown. Cast Starfire until until a Solar Eclipse procs then cast wrath untill Lunar Eclipse procs, then back to Starfire again and so forth.. Just keep up your dots, use your cooldowns and cast wrath and starfire at the apropriate times and you are golden.


Feral Builds (updated for Patch 4.3)

Their are two main types of feral druids, cats and bears. Feral cats are melee dps and are compaired a lot of times to rogues. The feral bear is a tank class without a shield.


Feral Cat Builds:

0/35/6 - Feral Cat Build 4.2, For Raid DPS - Please note that this is not the only viable build, as with most builds there is a lot of flexability in the only talents you take, I would recomend taking the talents listed in green:

feral cat base build

This leaves you with 3 points to spend where you may want to pick up Nurturing Instinct to make it easier on the healers to keep you healed. There are lot of options in this tree and you can always choose to sacrifice some of the lower dps talents to make yourself a viable dps/tank build. If you make a druid DPS/Tank build keep in mind your DPS will be lower.


Kitty cat rotaion priority:

Keep up Feral Faerie Fire

Keep up Mangle

Use Berserk and Tiger's Fury on cooldown
Keep up Rip (note save 5 combo points to reapply Rip if it is about to expire)
Keep up Rake
Keep up Savage Roar

Feral Charge(if cd is up), Ravage
Shred for combo points if above conditions are met

Ferocious Bite when mob is under %25 health when you have 5 combo points


Swipe can be used to increase your dps when there are 5 or more mobs.


Feral Bear Tank Builds:

0/32/9 - Feral Bear Tank Build 4.3


0/32/9 - Feral Bear Tank Riad Build


Single Target Rotation:

Mangle whenever possible
Thrash whenever possible if you can't mangle
Lacerate if you can't do above.
Pulverize when there are 3 stacks of lacerate on the target or when pulverize is about to wear off.


AoE rotation:

Thorns, then pull

Swipe / Maul(Glyphed) / Thrash / Maul(Glyphed) [repeat until mobs die]


Bear Stat Priority:

Stamina (don't go over board with stamina, make sure you have enough hit points to survive then start focusing on avoidance, agil, dodge..)


Dodge Rating


Mastery Rating

Crit Rating


Restoration Builds (updated for patch 4.3)

This tree (pardon the pun) is for druids that want to heal. Most druid heal spells are done threw HoTs (heal over time spells). Druids make very good raid healers.


10/0/31 - Resto Raid Heaing Build - This is the main resto druid raiding build as of 4.3.


8/2/31 - Resto Healer - Keep 3x life bloom on tank, use wg and sm on cooldown, rejuv anyone that gets damage, use regrowth flash heal. Reforge Spirit to haste (till 1015 cap) and if it has haste already on the item reforge to crit.


7/3/31 - Resto Healer #2 - You are using HoTs to heal the raid, you are not healing the tank except for HoTs. Reforge spirt into haste and mastery if haste is not available. Try to hit 1015 cap for haste.


8/2/31 Moonglow Build


4/3/34 Perserverence Build


2/3/36 Restoration Survivability Build - This would probably make a good PvP build but is also usefull in PVE.


2/3/36 Rejuv Druid Spec


2/3/36 Malfurion's Gift Spec